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Samuel Addei Narrative Essay 12 – 12:50 2/7/13; Handed in 2/7/13 School “Samuel, what happened in school today?’’ was what my father asked me every time he came home from work. I stutter so it would usually take me a while to tell my side of the story but the teacher that called my father had already told him the story with incorrect facts. At times, I didn’t even explain myself because he wouldn’t believe me. After the teacher calls my father, he decides to call my mother because she’s the one that handles my sisters and I when it comes to education. I know my teachers wanted the best for me because they really liked me but I sometimes hated them for not understanding me. Throughout my whole elementary and middle school days, all I wore was a white button down, a tie, grey pants and shoes so it’s obvious that I went to a catholic school. My parents were always being called because of some nonsense. If they weren’t calling my parents, they will ask for your homework notebook and write a note. A note was a letter to your parents complaining about a student’s performance in class and these notes were usually bad of course. There was no way to hide it from your parents because you have to get it signed and show it to the teacher the next day. Either I was getting notes or getting kicked out of class for disrupting the class or talking. My worst nightmare was when parent teacher conference was coming up. I would try my best to behave that week but something always went wrong. I really wasn’t worried about my grades because I was always one of the smartest students in my class but my behavior didn’t match my grades which was a shameful thing. At the parent teacher conference, my father usually came and the teacher always starts off “well Samuel is a really smart kid, he participates, he gets his homework done, and so far he’s

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