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Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: toni191
  • on October 22, 2013
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It was the activities day at Saud’s middle school, a privet school in Prince Street, Dubai. I was chosen to be the school principal for one day. I was sitting in the main office signing papers and I remember it was a sunny cool day when suddenly Mr. Ibraham came in the office. Mr.Ibraham is the actual principal of the school, pretty tall man with orange beard and round belly, wearing huge glasses he can’t see without them. He came into the office and told me to be ready because we expected the mayor of the city to arrive in any minute. The mayor of the city Mr.Wodd or Prince Wodd had been the mayor for six months and his biggest plan was to improve the level of education in the city so he was visiting random schools, and today he was visiting our school. The clock tikking and everyone in the school was moving and making sure that everything was in its right place. I remember that we had a major problem in out playing field in the school. It was unusable because of constructions and this type of problems was unacceptable by the mayor.

It was 11:30 when the mayor finally arrived. He was sitting in the office with Mr. Ibraham and me. The mayor was very happy to see the kind of activities we were doing in our school. I decided as I was the principal of the school and the mayor sitting in my office to give him a cup of coffee. He welcomed my idea of coffee very much and started to talk to me. He asked:”how old are you little man?” when I said “I’m 14 years old sir”, I was getting really nervous and my hands were shaking. As I was walking toward him and handling him the coffee my hand slipped and I spilled it over him. Quickly I start apologizing to him and I grabbed some napkins and wiped at the coffee stain. He stopped me and smiled then he said”it’s nothing”. He was acting like nothing really happened but I knew that he actually was upset. Few minutes later he left the school without completing his trip. I was crying because I thought I was going to jail....

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