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Composition II - 59 Instructor: Amanda Scott Week 1 - Individual Work Part 1: Generate a list of narrative essay components (refer back to pages 46-59 in your textbook). Write a one to two sentence description of each component. What I had read there is dialogue, dialogue is an essay that you are discussion what you are write with more than two people in your essay. Allusion is references to public bit of knowledge (political sitation etc.). Narrative essay is just when you are just telling a story about yourself. There are also Exposition give you information on a topic to your reader. Argument is letting the reader know if your topic is falsity or truth. Part 2: Explain what strategies you will use to select a topic for an essay (see page 40 in your textbook) and then refine that topic. You should write one to two paragraphs for this part The strategies I would you is brainstorming. What I mean by branstorming is think about the topic I will you. Will I be able to talk about the topic that I will use. Will my essay be good on the one topic write down all the point about my topic, or like will I find get soruce for my topic. The topic that I will choose is Vist a place from your past. The reason why I choose the topic is because I love my grandmother old house I had some good time there with my family grandmother raise me there and it was my home I go by there from time to time just to see the house. Note: I really hope that I answer the question right and that I did a good job. Instructor Amanda

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