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Chloe Howe Mr. Lesandrini AP English 11 Friday, October 26 Narrative Essay: Education My personality doesn’t often click with others. This leads to misunderstandings and confrontations, and those are not preferred. I also crack under pressure, although I do not show it because after being left with a mishap such as this I divulge myself into my writing. Wrenching my emotions out slowly word-by-word through the simple process of writing helps me channels my emotion into something that is harmless to others and beneficial to myself. I didn’t notice I did this until an unwanted confusion occurred. I had already had a very stressful week, filled with multiple rehearsals for several activities and endless criticism from others and myself. I finally broke down on a Sunday afternoon. I curled up into a ball and sat there, trying to figure out what to do. I was home alone and I couldn’t go to my parents; they were both out of town. The phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown number. Not thinking I got up walked over to my phone and answered. That was a mistake. The person on the other end was angry. At me, for something completely unworthy of even having a discussion over. They rambled on and on and all I could do was sit there in silence. I didn’t want to hang up, as that would be disrespectful, although they were already disrespecting me. The phone call seemed to last an eternity, finally ending when I apologized quietly, insincerely, and hung up. That tore me apart. I finally couldn’t handle it. I slumped down into my depressed state on the right side of my bed on the floor. I had my phone in my hand. I looked at it with anger. I tossed it aside. I didn’t want to talk to anyone; I didn’t even want to look at my dogs. No one could help me, no one understood. I had a sudden thought, I grabbed my phone from where I had tossed it and

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