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After moving to Fayetteville, North Carolina in June, 2010, I decided that I needed a change and to break away from my parents. I loved my mother dearly but living in the same house as her was beginning to become a very stressful environment. My mother was disabled – Now when I say disabled, she had the ability to walk, talk, and be independent but she had a back injury from work that resulted in surgery in 1996. She was getting much older and began to forget things, such as paying her water bill and getting behind, and wasn’t taking her medications as she should have every day. We were fighting every day and I realized that she was the mother and I was the child but I felt like it was the opposite way around. I needed to get away and be my own person for once and do things on my own. Nancy, a very close friend in Texas who I had met online a few years prior, had been going through some similar issues with her mother and expressed the same desire to get out on her own and be her own person. After discussing it with her Mom and Step-dad, they had said that I could come down and stay in their home while Nancy and I got on our feet. Two weeks later I packed everything that I could in my little black Toyota Echo and hit the road. After a long, 21 hour drive through North and South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and finally, Texas, I arrived in the small town of Portland. Portland is a small town ten minutes outside of Corpus Christi, Texas, where families leave their front doors unlocked at night and attend the Friday night football games at Wildcat Stadium. The stories you hear or see on television are very true; football is everything in the longhorn state! It was awkward living in a home with people I had never met in person before. I had to learn their ways along with them having to learn me. The transition between Nancy and I was also awkward because

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