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Henry Ventura ENG 111 – College Composition I 02-20-13 Pellet Gun It was back in the Philippines, I was in 5th grade where going to school every day and playing with my classmates during recess and after school was the best elementary memories that I will never forget. It’s one of the reasons why I like to go to school every day because of my friends and all the crazy things we did. The best of all is having a one close friend that you can always have fun with all the games and activities in school. Mark Gil was my closest friend and I treat him like my best buddy in school. But that unfortunate day, our friendship ended because of an incident that almost injured his eye. I shot my best friend’s left eye with his own toy, a plastic pellet gun. It’s still fresh to my memory all the details that affected our friendship after the incident. Mark and I always hang out before and after our class. It was Friday morning when we all arrived in our classroom and as always I’m seating next to Mark. He was so excited to show me his toy that his dad bought for him. It’s a plastic pellet gun that was loaded with plastic pellets. He showed me how to use it and it’s cool because the pellet can shoot far enough and it also can cause a little pain if it will shot to the skin. So I told him to hide because our teacher might see it and might confiscate it. It was recess so I asked him if we can shoot some leaves and birds that just passing by. I was so amazed on what the pellet gun capable of because it’s like a real gun even though I never use one. When the recess was over I asked him if I can hold on to it and give it back after school and he said ok. Class was over, me and Mark decided to stay back for a while so that we can still play with his toy gun. We were playing on the playground and this time it’s his turn for the gun. “It’s my

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