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C. Engle Instructor: J. Baeyens Narrative Essay (English 100) April 13, 2010 My Trip to the Getty Museum The train ride from the parking garage to the entrance of the museum was very relaxing. The train had very large windows that captured the picturesque view of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It was very mesmerizing. The view of the mountains and the skyline of the city made me forget how frustrated I was being stuck in traffic on the way to the museum. As the crowd in the train swayed forward then back, the train finally came to a halt. Hearing the sound of the doors of the train opening marked the start of my journey to the Getty Museum. On the way to the main entrance of the museum we stumbled upon a sculpture of a woman lying down and a giant sculpture of a boy holding a frog with his right hand. I thought it was an unusual sculpture, but it made me have nostalgia of my childhood years. As we entered the building we were greeted by the volunteers of the museum. The museum provided us with iPods to loan while we were in the museum. The iPods contained information about each artwork that was displayed in the exhibits. My boyfriend and I first went to the courtyard of the museum. The courtyard had multiple benches and weeping willow trees that provided shaded areas for the spectators to enjoy the beautiful sunny day. In the middle of the courtyard was a rectangular shaped pond with water waterfalls. The courtyard looked like a glimpse of what my utopia would be like; very serene. The first exhibit we went to was called Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance: Painting and Illumination, 1300–1350. The exhibit contained different types of artwork from different artists during the dawn of renaissance period. Majority of this exhibit were paintings and sculptures of holy figures in the Roman Catholic. As a catholic person, it was amazing to

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