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Multicultural Literature Narrative Essay LaKeisha Perry ENG/157 Multicultural Literature University of Phoenix Living in Saint Louis Missouri as a child I did not encounter many different ethnic groups that were until I entered adult hood. As a child I went to a school that was mostly African American, with Caucasian teachers. To me the teachers could not relate to the students because they did not understand the environment that we lived in. When I entered college I was in shock because I never knew so many cultures lived in Saint Louis Missouri. As I have become too grow I have encounter Caucasian, Hispanics, Muslims, and also Jewish ethnic groups. In my environment we could not play outside in the front because cars would speed up and down the street, houses were being broken into, and it was a liquor store on every corner. As a child that was not a good sight to see, but when my family moved to a better neighborhood which was predominately Caucasian to provide a better life for myself I saw a different way of living. Instead of a liquor store I saw a candy shop and ice cream parlor on the corner, I saw recreational centers for children to have fun and swim in so that they can be safe, and also saw neighborhood watch meetings being held so that the community can be better protected and know that is going on. When I became friends with this Caucasian family that lived on the corner that is when I had the best experience ever as a child. I saw a mother and a father raising their children under the same roof, rather than seeing a mother doing it all by herself and trying to play both parent roles. I saw a family that actually sat down to eat dinner together and have family discussions, instead of seeing the mother cooking dinner and leaving the oldest to take care of his or her siblings while the mother and father went to work. They also attended church

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