Narrative: Birthday Essay

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It was a warm and sunny Monday in May. I had been sitting at home all day in tremendous pain, just waiting for my prenatal appointment. I wasn't terribly worried that anything was wrong, just anxious to get it done. Scheduled for 3:10 pm, I just couldn't stand sitting any longer. That’s all I had been doing for the past six weeks, on semi - bed rest, for preterm labor. Desperate for human interaction I left early and made a stop to visit with my sister, in her office at St. Joe's hospital. It was just across the street from my OB office. We talked for awhile. Dr. Burke, one of the Oncologists in her office, joked about helping me out and delivering the baby for me right there in the office. Fighting through the pain, I sat patiently waiting in the lobby of my OB office. The nurse came out to call me back to the exam room. Sitting in the pale blue room with little fairies painted on the ceiling, there was a knock on my door. Expecting Doctor Oconnor, I was husbands head popped in. He never came to my prenatal appointments. He said he wasn't busy so he thought he would stop in. Doctor Oconnor came in, cheery as usual. She looked just like Katy Curric, or at least I always thought she did. We talked briefly about the pain I was having for the last three days. She wanted to ultrasound me to check the baby. Squirting on the slightly warmed ice-blue gel, the wand touched my belly and the image of my baby came into view on the monitor. Quickly she turned the monitor away from my view, locked eyes with my husband and there was fear there. Standing, she quickly wiped me clean of the blue goo. "You're having this baby today. Don't stop at the desk, just head straight across the street, they will be expecting you." With that, I readjusted my clothes, and we walked out of the office. Doing just as the doctor said, I slowly sat in the passenger seat of my husbands

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