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I remember my brother and me driving down the road for the last time, coming to our new home in Charleston, West Virginia. I had a nervous feeling, starting a new school, and getting new friends. I couldn’t imagine leaving home in Paintsville, Kentucky, moving here was definitely not I wanted to do. We moved here a month before school started here. Weeks went by, and I hadn’t met anyone, and school was getting close. I was running around our neighborhood, when I met this girl named Amber. We talked and talked and seem to get along very well, she also told me that she went to the same school I was going to, hearing that was the best news ever. School rolled around and when I got to school, Amber was in front waiting on me. I smiled and waved, got out the car and walked in the school with her. In my mind, I was thinking there is no way I can find myself around this school, I have never seen this big of a school before. Amber had showed me around, and helped me find my first few classes. I just knew I was going to get lost and go in the wrong room. The bell rang and I went to homeroom, I sat there just looking around, knowing no one would talk to me. Then, I met this nice girl Julia. She asked if I was a new student, which I’m sure she could tell she also told me. I had a very country accent, I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing? She looked at my schedule and said we had most of our classes together today, and I could walk around with her and that was a sigh of relief. The bell rang for 1st period, I was walking down the hallway when I saw this wet floor sign, so I was trying to be careful but as usual I slipped and fell, my books and papers flew everywhere and the worst part was we were changing classes and everyone saw, now that’s embarrassing. After awhile I was finally getting used to the ABC schedule, and I had met tons of new people and

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