Narrative Essay

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“Hello Dearie, I’ve come for my things” I heard a voice behind me whisper. I turned around slowly, chills rippling down my back. However, I saw nothing but the quiet road, the street lights setting an eerie shadow over my house. “It’s the stress getting to you Rita” I convinced myself as I walked into the house. “Mom! Dad! I'm home!” I shouted up the stairs. I listened for a response but hear nothing but silence. I walked into the living room and didn’t see anyone, which was definitely ironic. Usually, mom would be reading her book on the sofa, next to dad, who would be watching National Geographic. Oddly, today the lights were on, but no one seemed to be home. Suddenly a breeze blew in, lifting up moms cashmere curtains. I turned around to see that I hadn’t closed the door. I shut it quickly and remembered the promise to myself, to lock doors from now on. I dropped my purse and keys on the table and turned on the TV. “I’ll just stay up until they come back” I told myself, putting my legs up and resting my head on the edge of the sofa. I found myself getting tired and eyes getting heavy. Suddenly I felt someone sit down beside me “I'm back Rita…” they said. “Oh mom, you guys are home, okay, I'm just going to head up to bed now” I mumbled to myself, eyes still half closed. As the sleep left my eyes I realized the person next to me was far from my mother. “Hello there dearie” the Old Lady smiled. Her smile was warm, yet it seemed awfully creepy. The fact that she appeared in my house out of nowhere wasn’t helping either. “What… how… What are you even doing here?! And how did you even get in?!” I stuttered with shock. “I've come for my things, you should listen more Dearie” she shook her head. “Things? I don’t know what… Oh, the package?” I asked. “Yes. I had something very important in that package. Which I need at this very moment” she

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