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urge of Time Many people who know who I am can usually describe me in one word, impatient. Something about the concept of patience makes everything feel as it has to be done right now without any interruptions. I’ve always felt so anxious I would do anything just take the easy way out to save me one minute. I’m always hearing patience is a virtue and I used to respond, hurrying up is righteous. In all honestly, I now believe in being at ease with time. The thought of rushing to accomplishing anything just to get the opportunity to have an extra minute even if it would require me to walk out looking strange to society. I would do anything as supposed to, having on a mix match shoe to bolt out the door just to be on time. Gave me a feeling of blood just rushing up and down my body and it had to be treated Laying on my bed listening a slower pace music, had me zoned out almost sleepy, meanwhile trying to be patient on a phone call from my cousin Ebony that night we were going out to party but I had to wait for her to get home. I did everything in my power to keep me occupied during this time so I wouldn’t just keep calling her asking “Are you ready?” Lying down on my beds bright pink covers, I dosed off and suddenly became annoyed as my IPhone ringtone kept going off. I turned over to answer the phone quickly and realized my water bottle emptied right on my pillow. I got up, threw my pillow on the floor, and knocked over my favorite glass candle. On top of missing the phone call, which now had caused to me have an attitude, I hurried and tried to return the phone call but she did not answer. I stormed into my living room and asked my little brother Armani to ride with me to the store because I needed to get gas and did not feel like waiting. Undoubtedly Armani is playing the game, Black ops 2 on the Xbox, was in no rush to ride with me. Eventually, he got up and

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