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Harry Rosenthal Ms. Martinez English Personal Narrative September 22, 2011 Walking It has never been a very far walk from my house to the convenience store. I must have walked that distance a million times and I always made it there and back in a matter of minutes. I used to go there with my friends just to see what cool stuff we could get into on the way, but I wish I had known what I was getting into on this particular night. My friend Robert, and I were hanging out all day. We had rode the train to Dallas and spent all day there so we began our trip back home. There was an hour and twenty minute train ride from Dallas to Fort Worth, two buses from the train station to my house, and finally a twenty minute walk from the bus stop to my house. The train ride felt like it lasted ten minutes. It must have been the first time I had ever fallen asleep on train. But that didn’t keep me from sleeping through both bus rides. Somehow, the smell of hundreds of people a day puts me right to sleep. When we arrived at our stop Robert pushed the stop signal and the bus came to a slow, screeching stop. I woke up and halfway down the center aisle Robert and I suggested to each other that we take a small detour from our designated path home to make a stop at the convenience store for snacks as it was merely a block more to walk. We thanked our bus driver and were on our way. We droned on slowly but made up the time debating over what we were going to get at the store. Robert was especially excited because I had just told him about this drink that they have in the very back that had become my new favorite as I was unable to find it anywhere else besides that store. That was the only thing on our mind when we got to the store so we immediately ran to the back corner where they kept this mystical drink and to our disappointment they had run out. We spent way to long

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