Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Analysis

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Philip Dixon Dixon 1 English Composition 1 Christopher C. Corcoran Essay # 2 23/10/2009 Hope You see them standing by the side or back door when you pull into the parking lot. Some are just conversing while others are smoking and sipping coffee. They act just like any normal group of people seen outside a mall, school or town building. However these people meet daily in church basements as a ritual for survival as they battle their demons. It is almost time for today’s Narcotics Anonymous meeting to begin. I’m riding shotgun with my close friend Ethan…show more content…
Doug says Narcotics Anonymous as a group has no rules and has no outside opinions. It exists simply to help the struggling addict go a day without using a mind altering substance. He announces that this is an open discussion meeting that will end at nine-o-clock. Sitting next to Doug is a short, skinny woman with dirty blonde hair who is probably in her early forties. Doug tells us that this is Debbie and she is going to share her story with us. The crowd…show more content…
The support and knowledge she has gained has helped her stay sober and begin to repair the damage to her family that she inflicted. She says she is forever grateful for these meetings and tries to live her life one day at a time. She thanks the group for listening and tells us the meeting is open for discussion by a show of hands. Again the group applauds politely as she finishes. One by one people raise their hands and introduce themselves by stating their first name and identifying themselves as an addict and or alcoholic. Debbie calls on them to speak; she is on a first name basis with many of them. The contents of what these people say differs, some being content and others just struggling to not pick up a drug. Those who are struggling have a tone of desperation and pain in their voice. No matter what they say they thank Debbie for sharing her story. I guess it takes a great nerve to dump your innermost secrets and feelings to a group of strangers. People talked about many things, the most common being to keep coming to meetings because that is the best way to stay sober. Other topics mentioned include getting honest about your drug problem. Admitting it exists will help deal with

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