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Dawa Sherpa Sherpa 1 Prof : lander garrett Eng 101 December 19, 2011 Narcotics Anonymous I have attended many Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in my country Nepal; however I attended a NA meeting here in United States at Woodside Queens. The meeting I attended was called “Change at Woodside”. There were 13 men and 1 woman who were recovering addicts gathered to share their personal feelings and experiences with each other. I found many similarities and differentiations in the NA meeting held in my country and here in United States. Since the NA is a global organization fighting against drugs, each and every country participating in it follows its 12 steps. Most of the time 12 step works but not always however, it is said by NA “it works only if you work it”. Each meeting has a topic to share about which is one of the similarities I found. The meeting I attended in Woodside, it’s topic for the day was “fear”. Steve who looked like a heavy weight boxer or mixed martial artist was the organizer for the meeting who also was one of the recovering addicts, first read the NA quotes and asked others to read out the 12 steps of NA. The difference I found was quite unbelievable to me because everyone I saw at the meeting in Woodside were at their late 40’s and 50’s, However when I attended a NA meeting back in my country most of the member are at their late 20’s. But afterwards I came to knew that they also have a meeting in other places where you can see lots of young addicts. So they have differentiated drug abusers according to the meeting area and age. Initially I did not attend a NA meeting for me, it was for my best friends elder brother who was one of the top drug dealer and a user of Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal. He

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