Narative Story with a Twist. Essay

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Mladen Hristov English 102 Keith Edwards 01/18/2015 How one decision can change us forever A new beginning. I usually say these three so seemingly simple words. Words with which I hope to start a new, pure beginning and leave everything bad in the last year. I want everything that does not bring me good memories to be forgotten and left in the past. In my mind only the good times should remain. The times that make me smile and give me strength to continue moving forward. I do not think that only remembering the good events in life is a bad thing, but today it was remembering hard events that made me make better decisions for my future. After some varied experiences in elementary school, the foundation of a new mindset began to develop in me. Before letting you know more about what mindset I am talking about, let me turn your sight towards these bad moments/events. They are extremely important. Everything bad that I have experienced has changed me in a positive way, and I have learned important lessons from it. Everything that I indicate as an awful event I owe a lot of what I have learned about life to; and to keep my head up. The so-called “bad moments” were in fact, the result of decisions that I have made at a time. It is true that some things just happen and we are powerless to change them, but now I appreciate that even those events have made me what I am today. A lot of the choices I make are bad and have negative consequences for me that create problems, but I have to find a way to deal with them. I always find a way to deal with my problems, because resolving these problems leads me to a good life. Of course, the concept of a “good life” is different for everyone. I will not go into detail about this concept because that is not what I want to emphasize. I am from Bulgaria. In my country we have schools with priorities. They are something like

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