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A registered training organisation (RTO) needs to use this form to: • add training package qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses to its scope of registration • remove training package qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses from its scope of registration • replace an accredited course with a training package qualification • replace a superseded training package qualification with a qualification from a new training package • replace superseded units of competency with units from a new training package. Instructions for completing Section 3 – Details of qualifications, units and courses • National Code and title - Please check the TGA ( website to ensure you enter the correct codes and titles of each training package qualification, individual unit of competency and accredited courses. • RTO service - For each qualification, unit of competency and accredited course you want to add, indicate if your RTO intends to provide an assessment only service (ie only an RPL service). The form must be submitted by post as a printed application, together with the application fee. To pay the application fee, complete the payment detail information at the back of this form. Please note: Applications cannot be submitted by fax or via email. Post your application to: • The Manager Registration Services Training and International Quality Department of Education and Training Level 3, 30 Mary Street BRISBANE QLD 4001 Privacy notice The department is collecting this information in accordance with the Vocational Education, Training and Employment Act 2000 to assess your application to amend your RTO’s registration. Some of the information provided will be used to update the national register and may be given to technical advisors selected by the department to

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