Napoleons Character Chapter 5 Animal Farm

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*Tuesday 29th* September 2009 *What impression do we get from Napoleon in chapter five*? In Orwell’s allegorical novella Animal _Farm _that character Napoleon is portrayed as envious, secretive and power hungry towards the other animals in the farm; particularly Snowball where there is a battle for power. His character is greatly explored through the techniques and language that Orwell uses. This novel relates to the Russian revolution and shows how greed and ignorance can destroy the lives of innocent bystanders. Orwell has written in an intriguing and captivating style that makes the reader want to continue deeper into enlightening fairytale of the Russian Revolution. He uses the animals to reveal the conditions and emotions that people felt and witnessed firsthand during this tragic time. Orwell uses the puppies in the book to show Napoleons true character. Napoleon is often thought of secretive throughout the book as he “took away the puppies from their mother and reared them privately”. Napoleon took away the puppies so he could raise them exactly how he wanted and so that nobody could interfere. This suggests that he wants the puppies to behave and act like he is their master and he is right and nobody else even comes close to it. This is shown when the other animals disapprove of Napoleons ideas and the puppies let out “deep menacing growls”. By using the word “menacing” shows that Napoleon is violent and uses the puppies to threaten the other animals into doing what he wants. The other animals are powerless beneath him. This shows that Napoleon is power hungry by stating “the puppies wagged their tails to him in the same way that the other dogs had done to Mr Jones.” This indicates that Napoleon has raised the puppies to be his secret weapon and to do all the appalling deeds that Napoleon; himself
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