Napoleon vs Robspierre

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Ropbspierre and Napoleon were both dictators during the 18th and early 19th century of France. France was in a state or financial crisis, due to the aid to the Americans and poor tax systems, poor harvest, and social upheaval. Starting in 1789, many revolts began to happen. The working class: Sans-Culottes, peasants, and middle class, were angry at the nobility and clergy (first and second estate) for not giving them equal opportunities. This lead to assemblies, conventions, and even dictatorships. Robspierre and Napoleon came to power in a somewhat similar way, they accomplished some of their goals like: A Grand Empire and patriotism, but in the end, they were defeated by other countries and their own country. The way Robspierre and Napoleon cam to power was a little different but partially the same. The National Convention elected Robspierre to be the leader of it (second leader to Danton). He had a certain vision for France and instead of doing it the right way by asking others opinions, he took over and became a dictator passing radical laws. Napoleon came into power a little different. He started off by overthrowing the Directory in a the Coup de' etat in 1799. When they threw over the directory the people voted for three men, Consul of Three, to be in charge of the cointry. And guess what, Napoleon was one of them! Lucky for Napoleon, one died and the other disappeared, so Napoleon was the only one left. The people voted him The First Consul. Unlike Robspierre, he was elected into power, and like Robspierre, he took advantage of his power. In 1804,, Napoleon elected himself emperor of France and again France was under the rule of a dictator. These two rulers may have started out differently, but, in the end, they took advantage of their power and became dictators. The goals of Napoleon and Robspierre re one
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