Napoleon Hero Or Tyrant? First Draft

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769, and grew up to become French general, first consul in 1799, and eventually the emperor of the French in 1804. Napoleon had many accomplishments including his legal reform, the Napoleonic code, in addition to his Napoleonic Wars, which helped spread the ideas of the French Revolution to other parts of the world (Moore). Because of Napoleon's accomplishments, he was truly a hero for the people of France, and the followers of the French Revolution. Napoleon is a hero because he was an outstanding military leader during France's time of need. In 1793, Napoleon was able to drive out a British fleet from the French port of Toulon. In addition in 1795, he was able to crush a disturbance in the city of Paris. By 1796, He became the Commander of the French military in Italy, after being promoted several times because of his outstanding military accomplishments. Napoleon's success continued throughout the Mediterranean. This is evident when he conquered Egypt controlled by the Turkish, then finally defeated the Turks in 1799 (Moore). Because of Napoleon's strategic warfare, although outnumbered, his army was able to defeat the Russian and Austrian army on December 2, 1805. And by 1806, Napoleon's army controlled much of the western region of Europe (Delfigalo). Napoleon was sought as a possible national leader. As a result, several French politicians over through the Directory on November 9, 1799. Later that year on December 24, the constitution of the year VIII was adopted. This established a government known as the consulate, and Napoleon became the man to be First Consul, making Napoleon the leader of the French(Connelly). Now as the leader of France, Napoleon carried through a series of reforms that had started during the revolution. One reform included establishing the Bank of France. By creating the Bank of France,
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