Napoleon Hero or Tyrant?

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Napoleon: Hero or Tyrant Essay Napoleon was both a tyrant and hero because helped France get back on its feet after the revolution and solve many b\problems from the revolution making the people of France happy. They were so happy that they made him emperor. Being emperor and having all that power got a little to Napoleons head and started to act like a tyrant. He started to censor the newspaper and go through people’s mail. Some remember Napoleon as hero and others as a tyrant but there were definetly aspects of both present. Napoleon was considered a tyrant because he had control over everything. For instance, when it comes to France’s religion he makes a sneaky deal with the church making sure he retains control. He tells the Catholic Church they can still continue worship but they cannot ask or receive more land because more land equals more power and Napoleon can’t risk the chance of the Church overthrowing him. When Napoleon invaded Russia he lost many men in the Russian cold causing France a small economic loss. He was obsessed with taking over more countries and although he was good at it he couldn’t win every time. Or in the political aspect of France Napoleon fought for freedom from the King yet he immediately becomes emperor after the revolution. Well wasn’t that what he was just fighting for, no individual ruler? Next Napoleon censors the society. He makes a rule stating that the government must approve all texts shutting down sixty out of seventy three newspapers. He also has the government go through the people’s mail, invading their privacy. Napoleon becomes almost obsessed with the fact of getting rid of anything negative that might be said about him. People are starting to not like him and he’s scared that they might rebel against him. Napoleon says, “Friendship is only a word, I care for nobody.” This shows that Napoleon cares for
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