Napoleon Bonaparte: Successes and Failures

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Natasha Daoudi 10B Napoleon Bonaparte: Successes and Failures Why was Napoleon Bonaparte successful in overcoming his opponents, both domestic and foreign up until 1812? Why was he largely unsuccessful after this date? 1,475 words Introduction Napoleon Bonaparte came to power in 1795 but before that he was born on August 15th 1769, in the island of Corsica, France to Italian parents. He went to school and received a high-quality education and by the time 1785 he joined the French army as a second lieutenant. Through his knowledge and experience Napoleon rose from the shadows of France; with the fall of Robespierre and the “Reign of Terror” and became its new emperor. However throughout his ruling, he had several successes and failures, which was proven when he tried to invade Russia and failed, thus leading to his down fall in 1812. Napoleon’s success Foreign: - "Courage isn't having the strength to go on it is going on when you don't have strength”. Which is what Napoleon thought about when the time for battle came. One of the many things that made Napoleon a good and smart leader was his battle strategies and tactics. In the year 1796 Napoleon finally gained control of the French army in Italy and at the same time started doing a campaign against the country of Austria on March 11th, which would take Napoleon to absolute power in France and later Europe. With the years of the campaign napoleon won many battles due to promising his soldiers great things and a large help of personal bravery. Battle of the Pyramids Afterwards Napoleon met with France’s new foreign Minister, Talleyrand to discuss the issue of invading England. After two months of preparation
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