Napoleon Bonaparte Established Autocratic Gov

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SECTION B 2. Explain why Napoleon Bonaparte was able to establish a strong autocratic government in France. Autocratic is one of the types of governing country. Autocratic means one absolute ruler with unlimited power. Autocratic leader exercises autocracy system as the principal of the country. As autocratic means one ruler it is essential for that exact leader to be tremendous in governing and have good line of bureaucrats or else the country will fall apart. For Napoleon Bonaparte, he was a successful autocratic leader as he learnt from the previous mistakes made by several institutions during French Revolution. His key ingredients of establishing a strong autocratic government in France was divided into two views, political and social economic, according to historians. Some historians believed that political view was the reasons for Napoleon Bonaparte’s strong autocratic government. His background as a soldier gave him plenty of advantages and his military successes made him a well-known person in France. Thus, they believed in him and all the soldiers like him for his victory. He has revolutionary ideas as he has been raised during revolutionary condition. By that, he knew what to do and not to do in administrating France. Then, he made changes in administrative; more efficient way to govern France. He abolished feudalism. Citizens of France don’t like feudalism, and he made a good move by put an end to it. He introduced the prefects to maintain order and peace in France. Other than maintaining order, they have to choose eligible men to join the forces. All the provinces were called prefectures. Prefect was the head of prefecture. Their managerial duties were controlling the price, food supply, setting up town council, be a magistrate and controlling tolls. They also have to inform Napoleon if there are any plotters around; the eyes and the ears of
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