Napoleon: Advocate For Elightenment Or Dictator

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AP Euro The French Revolution, began with a hopeful future that the lower class inhabitants would, become equal with the nobility and be properly represented in government. Napoleon Bonapart,a native of Ajaccio, Corsica - which became part of France a year before Napoleon was born- became a military genius and eventually the emperor of France. Napoleon, being a military genius, used his expertise to dominate Europe and improved France. According to some historians, Napoleon was a modern paradigm for dictators of the twentieth century. During Napoleon's time, he was a considered an Enlightened leader who led the French towards progression, prior to failing later in his career. Napoleon, was not the epitome of the ultimate dictator nor necessarily the greatest Enlightenment advocate for his people, but he did pursue both concepts that brought France to glory. POLITICAL/MILITARY: Napoleon Bonaparte continued being promoted until he seized the opportunity to control France. Bonaparte, used the French Revolution and French nationalism to unite the country. He did this by supporting the French Revolution and raised French nationalism with his bold moves to ruin Britain, France's greatest enemy. In 1799, Napoleon began his journey towards harnessing all of France's power by presenting a constitution that appealed to the Third Estate. In 1802, Napoleon created another constitution that allowed him to have all the power he could obtain by establishing himself as consul for life. In 1804, Napoleon executed an innocent man for the assassination plot on Napoleon without fair trial and broke an international law. In that same year, Napoleon abolished the consulate with a new constitution and became the Emperor of France by convincing France that a dynasty would make France secure and assassinations futile. Napoleon succeeded in becoming the sole ruler of France in a few
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