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Napoleon Bonaparte had a short life, but was a great man in that time. He was a great leader and hero to France. He won all his battles, except the battle of Waterloo, which was one of the most observed battles in the world. That was Napoleon’s last battle. In this report, I will tell you about Napoleons life. About the man who was one of the greatest leaders in our world’s history. Napoleon was born August 14, 1769, in Ajaccoio, Corsico. Napoleon never mixed with his peers very well, he was the oddball of the family, and did not fit in. His father Carlo Maria Buanaparte was a Layer. His mother, Letizia Buanaparte raised eight children with her husband. Napoleon was the second of the eight children, and always got in fights with other boys. When Napoleon was 10 his father was able to send all his sons to a Military Aacademy in Brienne of northern France. Napoleon became homesick and wanted to learn correct French so the kids would not laugh at him. He was successful at speaking. But he could not spell and had terrible handwriting that even he could not read. However Napoleon was quite good in mathematics. Since he had no friends he would normally study, sometimes all night. At the age of 15 Napoleon was then accepted to the royal military school, Ecole Militaire in Paris. He also dropped the U from his last name to make it more French. Napoleon made his way up to General in a short period of time. He would have moved to General but he was not old enough. Before he became General he was assigned Artillery Regiment. He fell in love with Desiree Clary. Desiree’s parents did not approve of her husband to be, even though they allowed her sister Julie to marry Napoleon’s brother Joseph. Napoleon and Desiree stayed engaged in hopes that her parents would reconsider. Meanwhile Napoleon rented a small apartment in southern France. When

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