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Nanocomposite Graphene-Based Material For Fuel Cel Essay

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Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 7 (2012) 3115 - 3126 International Journal of


Nanocomposite Graphene-Based Material for Fuel Cell Applications
Ahmed A. Elzatahry1,2, Aboubakr M. Abdullah3,4,*, Taher A. Salah El-Din5, Abdullah M. Al-Enizi1, Ahmed A. Maarouf6 , Ahmed Galal4, Hagar K. Hassan4, Ekram H. El-Ads4, Salem S. Al-Theyab1 and Attiah A Al-Ghamdi7,*

Petrochemical research chair, Department of chemistry, King Saud University, PO Box: 2455, Riyadh 11451, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2 Advanced Technology and New Materials Research Institute, City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications, New Borg El-Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt. 3 Chemical and Petrochemicals Engineering Department, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, New Borg El-Arab City, Alexandria 21934, Egypt. 4 Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza 12111, Egypt. 5 Regional Center for Food & Feed, Agricultural Research Center, 9 El Gamaa St., Giza, Egypt. 6 Egypt Nanotechnology Research Center, Smart Village, Building 121, Giza, Egypt 12577 7 King Abdulaziz University, North Campus, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia * E-mail: alghamdi@kacst.edu.sa , abubakr_2@yahoo.com Received: 22 February 2012 / Accepted: 21 March 2012 / Published: 1 April 2012

Cobalt and nickel oxides-graphene nanocomposites have been prepared by a simple chemical route. The structure, morphology and properties were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). The electrocatalytic activity for the methanol oxidation reaction in acidic medium of these nanocomposites compared to platinum has been confirmed using cyclic voltammetry technique.

Keywords: Graphene, Graphene oxide, Nanocomposite, Methanol Oxidation, Fuel Cells Electrocatalysis

1. INTRODUCTION Graphene, one of the important research and application topics in recent years, has attracted the attention of many scientists, which found to...

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