Nano Technology Essay

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NANO TECHNOLOGY Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to explain what nanotechnology is and the science behind it. We will also look at how nanotechnology is currently being implemented, or will be implemented in the future, as well as any psychological considerations, sociological effects, or any potential impact this technology may have on the environment. Moreover, we will briefly take a look at the political and legal influence exerted by our government regarding this relatively new technology. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Participants 4 What is Nanotechnology? 5 The Historical Development and Context of Nanotechnology 5 Historical Timeline 5 Sciences and Technology of Nanotechnology 5 The Associated Sciences of Nanotechnology 5 Microscopes 6 Health 6 Transportation 6 Agriculture 6 Electronics 6 Manufacturing 6 Investments in Nanotechnology 6 Carbon and “Buckyballs” 6 Nanotubes 6 Semiconductors 6 Materials 6 Energy 6 Oxygen Delivery 6 Academia 6 Health and Environmental Risks 5 Nanotechnology’s Cultural Context and Media Influence 6 The Internet and its Effects on Nanotechnology 6 Psychological Considerations and Sociological Effects 6 Health and Safety Concerns 6 Categories of Psychological Considerations and their Effects 6 The Social Outcome of Nanotechnology 6 Improvement of Human Abilities and Quality of Life 6 Haves and Have-Nots of Nanotechnology 6 Negative Aspects of Nanotechnology 6 Privacy 6 Social Divide 6 Communication 6 Risks 6 Weapons and Terrorism 6 Moral and Ethical Implications 6 Roles of Ethics in Responsible Development 6 Contested Moral Issues 6 Religion and Morality 6 Implementation of Nanotechnology 5 The Energy Crisis 5

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