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Verginiya Atanasova 14 P. D. Petkov str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria Mobile phone: 0895651588 e-mail: Date: 23.04.2015 SECOND NATO SUMMER SCHOOL IN BULGARIA Mariya Sapundzhieva Bulgarian Euro- Atlantic Youth Club e-mail: Dear Madam, With this letter I hereby would like to state my motivation to attend “SECOND NATO SUMMER SCHOOL IN BULGARIA’’ organized by “Bulgarian Euro- Atlantic Youth Club”, which will take place on the 30th May -7th June 2015 in Smolyan. The key topics in the seminar such as preparing for threats in emergent spaces, including cyber space and maritime security, Smart Defence and planning for the future in times of austerity, NATO's role as a global security actor, NATO-Ukraine cooperation for 2015, NATO-Russia relations, women’s role in peace and security, war against terrorism, and NATO transparency and reforms are of a special relevance to my professional goals and career objectives. As a special added value of this event I find the opportunity to network with other students and professionals from different countries, which is an exceptional opportunity for horizontal exchange of experience. I believe that combination of my skills, experience, and knowledge (written in the CV) suits your expectation regarding profile of participants. As requested I am enclosing my essay on the theme “ Which factors are of particular importance for Security today”. I am confident you will find my application as a worthwhile investment. My attendance at this seminar is a wise investment and I would highly appreciate to be one of the selected participants. Please feel welcomed to contact me via telephone or e-mail if I can give some additional information. Thank you very much for your consideration and

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