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Naming Conventions in IT Systems What is a naming convention? 'A naming convention' refers to consistent use of alphanumeric characters and seperating devices. Naming conventions are very common in IT systems and are used to identify objects (fields, tables) Why do we need a naming convention? In IT systems, we need naming conventions to be able to easily read and undertand objects as well as to enhance the appearance of systems so that they don't look unnessicarily complex. Naming conventions can provide us with additional information on objects, and also help to promote consistency within a team working on IT systems. Naming conventions also help to prevent naming collisions that may occur. Naming conventions also make it alot easier to understand a given system after a long period of unuse. Naming conventions can make sytems look more aesthetically pleasing & more professional looking. Some examples of naming conventions: ⦁ Humans naming their children at birth ⦁ Large firms naming rooms to help with orientation ⦁ Products (e.g. cars having a 'make' to differentiate from other cars from a brand e.g. a Ford Fiesta & a Ford Focus or different phones by the same company e.g. the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S. ⦁ Naming in databases to differentiate between entities Hungarian Notation The Hungarian notation is a naming convention where the name of a variable indicates its type or intended use. In Hungarian notation (which is used in computer programming), variables start with a group of lower case letters which act as mnemonics (a learning technique that aids information retention) followed a name chosen by the given programmer. An example of a Hungarian notation would be bBusy for a boolean field. This type of notation was developed by Charles Simonyi. Some advantages of the Hungarian notation would be that codes are easily remembered due to

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