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Fitness to one’s Heart Javier H. Sanchez July 13, 2012 Biology 1408 Introduction: After conducting this lab we predicted that having a healthy heart is very important, and it plays the biggest factor in one’s life. One can ask them self’s, what does my heart rate tell me about the risk of getting a disease? Well to simply answer this question genetics plays a big role in one’s life. Predictions of a healthy person heart rate are from 50 to 100 BPM. Factors that accelerate heart rate short or long term, anger, excitement, pain fever, smoking. Factors that can lower heart the rate may be grief, sleeping, medications. High resting heart rate is associated with high blood pressure, high insulin level, high blood cholesterol and of course over weight. Materials and Methods: The materials used for our lab were as follows. We needed three people to volunteer, stop watch, BMI chart and BPM. We needed to figure out our own heart rate by running up and down the stairs less than 2min, to figure out our heart rate we had to check our pulse to figure out are heart rate. Heart rate chart BMI and BMP Normal 50 to 100 bmp average 75 Lab 1 Heart chart Athlete / Smoker / Gender / BMI Jesse | 90 BPM | No | No | Female | 27 | Javi | 66 BPM | Yes | No | Male | 25 | Christian | 48 BPM | No | No | Female | 20 | Discussion: While conducting the lab we had to check our heart rate after the stairs run and indicate if out heart rate was normal or not. We had to use a BMI chart to indicate if we were overweight or not and by checking our BPM we could figure out the heart rate. By using this chart we figured out that we were in good condition, over all we passed the stairs test and ask questions such as if we were, Athletes or a smokers. Exercise is good for your heart

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