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Dear Dr.Harris, I’m so glad you are holding a contest for us to give our input regarding the lighting system for the new classrooms. I am very honored to say that is a very compelling decision but I have made my choice .To back my input ,in my class we have studied how series and parallel circuits are great for their own purposes and how the parallel circuits is the best pick. In this letter I will explain the comparisons between the two circuits and how they work; I hope you really consider my input. First, the series circuit choice is very limited. The total resistance always increases as more elements are added to the circuit. As a result, the total amount of current flowing always decreases. In other words, the more classrooms the more power it is going to take to energy it is going to take; Surely the result of this is a high power bill and that is not an option. Next, a parallel circuit is a great choice.Why? you may ask; well, the total resistance always decreases as more branches are added to the circuit. As a result, the total amount of current flowing always increases. In other words, the more the classrooms lights the better current. This would help out because if you needed to add any new more rooms it would be no cost to you; This is the best choice. After all this discussion, series and parallel circuits unquestionably have comparisons. One comparison is that every charge encounters the resistance of every light bulb; So there is no universal difference in the resistance of the light bulbs (unless there is a different voltage).Although a series circuit only allows electricity to flow one way and parallel in 2 or more, another comparison is that in both circuits electricity always has a way to travel. Now we all know that series and parallel circuits are not virtually “enemies”, though that they do both compare. In closing, I am

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