Literary Analysis Of Naked Girl And Mirror By Judith Wright

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The poem “Naked Girl and Mirror” is about a young girl who describes her feelings and her body changing during her adolescence. The poem which is filled with confusion, love and hate was written by Judith Wright, an Australian poet born in Armidale, New South Wales 1915. She was the eldest daughter of Philip and Ethel Wright and was raised in Brisbane and Sydney. After the untimely death of her mother she lived with her aunt and then boarded at the New England Girls’ School after her father remarried in 1929. After graduating high school, Wright did further study of History and Philosophy at the University of Sydney. At the beginning of World War II she then later returned to Wollomombi Station to help her father due to the shortage of labour…show more content…
She explores the issues of social identity and feelings of a confused young girl who has just reached the adolescent stage of her life. This poem explores deep into the connection between physical and mental changes as the girl matures, and feels she has “been betrayed by” from these changes. These changes within her cause a sense of self- consciousness. In the poem it shows the two voices of the girl, both the inner child and the matured young lady’s feelings and thoughts. This shows us the points of views between the two sides she has to overcome. The persona of “Naked Girl and Mirror” is a young girl who is facing the changes of puberty. She fears this change because she is afraid she will not meet up to other peoples expectations, and that she may not be able to find her own path in life. The girl is revealing her body and mind to the mirror though her eyes, but she claims that it is not her she can see in the mirror. The poem opens with the phrase “This is not I.’’ This shows us the girl’s hate and confusion towards herself. Last Stanza from the poem “Naked girl and Mirror”: Yet I pity your eyes in the mirror, misted with
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