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Krishanda Davis Colonist V. British 9-7-2012 U.S. World History H Colonist V. British ! I think the Colonist were justified in fighting against the British because the British kept putting more and more stuff on them. And its only so much a human being can take , 1st they started with the writs of assistance which basically told them that they can and will search them when they feel like it, for any reason. And then they had the proclamation of 1763 which banned all settlement west of the Appalachians all of the Colonist were banned from crossing the Proclamation line. Then came the stamp act which required colonists to purchase special stamped paper for every legal document , license , newspaper , pamphlet and almanac . And special stamp duties on packages of playing cards and dice. The colonist did retaliate then however , they protested , and prevented any stamps from being sold . Samuel Adams and some other Boston shop keepers , artisans and laborers came up with the Sons Of Liberty . They protested that “the parliament lacked the power to impose taxes on the colonies because the colonies were not represented in parliament” ( page 97 ) . Next the British commanders started to house soldiers in vacant private homes and other buildings with the Quartering act , the British Soldiers were basically there to keep an eye on what the colonials were doing. While this was going on the stamp act was being repealed but the British came back with the declatory act which asserted parliaments full right to make laws. Then Parliament came back again with the Townshend Act, which was an indirect tax on imported materials on glass, lead, paint, and paper as they came into the colonies from Britain, it was also a three penny tax on tea. After this the fighting started with the Boston massacre and I believe the colonist were justified in doing this because the

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