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Nail biting has been a struggle for me since I was a child. It is a horrible habit and something I could never stop no matter how hard I tried. I knew that I bit my nails a lot, but after monitoring myself, I realized how bad it actually was. Self-management is a process used when a person changes their own behavior. There were a few concerns I had going into this. One major one was a question if whether I was really ready to do this. I was also worried about me being truthful with myself and always. For this purpose, I made an agreement with myself to take pictures of my nails and make a routine to do so. These pictures I decided to take every night before I went to sleep. Results were sometimes the same and didn't show any nail growth, which I wasn't worried about because I knew from the beginning that it takes a while for nails to go. The goal of the project is to stop biting my nails. This includes putting any of the fingers on either of my hands into my mouth, closing my teeth on the nail, and applying force until the nail is detached from my finger. Even if I put my finger in my mouth in any way. Nail biting also includes that skin that immediately surrounds the nail. My goal is to allow my nails to grow 3 cm and after my nails have grown that long, keep letting them grow until the habit is completely gone. In order to do this, I wrote a contract, in which I signed and had my mother also sign. She signed it to be a witness and be my support system. My contract said: The first day in November of 2014, I, Sarah Simon, do agree to stop biting my nails. I will record all of my data and monitor progress for 30 days. Before and after every intervention, the nail polish will be removed and photos will be taken. In order to make sure of this, Donna (mom), will monitor my nails throughout the days. If any sign of tampering or biting is noticed, I will give

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