Nagasake and Hiroshima Essay

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Nagasaki and Hiroshima: A necessary atomic attack The atomic bomb that was detonated on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States was essential to the world because it shows how much power the United States had at that time and due to the fact they had the knowledge and money for such weapon. Although it wasn’t necessary to target the innocent civilians in Japan with the atomic bomb, there could have been other way of making Japan surrender with a lower casualty rate than to nuke the populated areas. Harry S. Truman, the president of United States during the World War 2 possibly had been influenced either by his past or by his colleagues in terms of his decision making. If any other resourceful ideas that were brought up to Truman’s mind then there might be a precise chance that the nuke will be withdrawal from World War II and rethought of again, at the time of Truman’s decision. Further or more the atomic bomb has already been dropped on Japan and since then Japan hasn’t threatened to attack other countries. Harry S. Truman’s decision of letting the bomb drop onto Japan was an insufficient move because after Harry Truman “learned the success of the Manhattan project, he knew he was faced with a difficult decision of his life (“”, The Decision to drop the bomb)”, to end the war with Japan was in his hands and what pressured Truman the most was that he has been getting reasonable suggestions by politician of whether or not to drop the bomb in Japan, and that may not be the only thing that’s affecting Truman’s decision because Truman’s past may also have affected his decision as well. When Truman was a child he was raised being a racist because racism was part of the southern culture. When Truman grew up and was dating his future wife Bess, she claims that “he told her that he felt that one person was as good as any other as long as they were

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