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Name Instructor Course Date Business Applications of Network-as-a-Service Cloud Computing Technology Although cloud computing significantly contributes to the running and management of business enterprises, this technology has suffered a series of setbacks. Cloud computing tenants only enjoy limited control and visibility over network resources provided by the cloud technology (Dobrescu, Rgyraki and Ratnasamy 12). Tenants are forced to rely on this inefficient overlay cloud networks even for very simple tasks. Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) was, therefore, developed in order to address the shortcoming of conventional cloud computation system. NaaS is an integrated framework of the conventional cloud computing that provide tenants with safe, faster, and secured network infrastructural access (Madhavapeddy and Singh 24). By applying NaaS, it would be easy for tenants to deploy multicast protocols and custom routing without congestion. NaaS allows for the modification of the packets on-path, thus enabling tenants to effectively implement more advanced network services that include smart caching, redundancy elimination, and in-network aggregation of data (Madhavapeddy and Singh 31). The NaaS creates mobile network applications and intelligence that allows for the establishment of new and profitable business relationships, internet-based services, and external business solutions. NaaS has multiple business applications such as payment, data communication, e-commerce, and transactional settlements. NaaS benefits the business since it leads to efficiency gains and drive productivity of the enterprise. Besides, NaaS allows for the incorporation of CSPs’ communication as Field Service Management that results to increased revenue and improved customer service (Madhavapeddy and Singh 45-6). Second, NaaS allows for a more effective and intelligent

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