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How does the NJROTC program help others to success? The NJROTC program has provided a foundation that allowed many cadets and students to be successful in the future, and to be a leader in their community. As a cadet I can say that ROTC is an institution where they help you to be a better person, to participate in ceremonies, functions, and social events. Also, they promoted you to get different ranks, they give you responsibility to become a youth leader in your community and they teach you how to wear your uniform. There are many reasons which explains how this program has allowed a foundation that helps me to be a good citizen, and to be a youth leader in my community. Primarily, they teach me the morals and the ethical values that a citizen should have. The values and morals that they teach me, are: healthy, strength, and endurance, which sustain emotional health and conceptual abilities under prolonged stress. Also, they teach me to know myself and seek self-improvement, in order to know myself I must have to understand who I want to be, and do it with attributes, and be techically proficient. Then, I have to know the job and help others, take responsibility for my actions, keep a team with my workers, know them, and respect…show more content…
Ceremonies are formal events and for the most part require an understanding of such aspects as the organization, purpose, composition and administration of the various parts of ceremonies. There are different types of ceremonies such as example: parades, reveille, retreat, and special events. The importance to participated in one of these ceremonies is that as a cadet I look upon participation as an important part of my training. This foundation make me to prepare myself and my uniform in such a way as to bring credit on my school and unit. However, this institution has allowed me to make my parents and my school proud of my

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