NFL Labor Unions

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Labor Laws and Unions – NFL Players Association The National Football League (NFL) continues to be one of the most profitable businesses in the United States because of its entertainment value and its growing popularity. Behind every great company though typically lie a few solid foundations that help with daily operations from management along with the employees itself. Starting in 1956, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) was put in place to protect current players, former players, and their families when it came to wages, hours of work, their rights as professional athletes, and their working conditions including life after the job is done ("History - Early Organizational Efforts", n.d). Some of the largest and most widely known legal issues that the union has put forth on the NFL have been the safety of current players along with what is being done to help former players and their families. Unfortunately, the NFL has seen many former players suffer from long term brain damage, psychological issues, and much more. This has put a lot more pressure on both the NFL and the NFLPA to ensure that both sides are working together to avoid further issues down the road. The belief is that…show more content…
This is a huge benefit to players as they can now have peace of mind knowing that they are being helped in matters of wages, hours and working conditions, along with protecting their rights as football players. The current CBA will last until 2020 but is something that is always monitored and studied as times and the game change ("About Us -", n.d). It is also a benefit to players because they are assured that after their time in the NFL is complete, that they will have someone to support them in their post-NFL career, something that can often be a very difficult transition for many
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