Myths and Misconceptions About Pgp at Isb Essay

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Our reputation as a leader in the world of business education continues to grow, but there’s chance you may not know us as well as you think you do. Let’s take a closer look at some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding what it takes to gain admission to the PGP at the ISB. 1. The GMAT number. Our admissions process focuses on the holistic evaluation of a candidate, not on a test score. The average GMAT score for admitted students ranges between 600 and 780, with a quarter of candidates actually scoring below the mythological number of 700. So what are we looking for in your application? Our admissions process prioritizes quality and competence over all else. Your application offers you the opportunity to dazzle us with your unique credentials and accomplishments, of which the GMAT is only a small part. Don’t count yourself out if your GMAT score is less than 700. We’re ready to give you a chance, but you have to give yourself a chance first. 2. The Million Dollar Question. An MBA is a significant investment in your future as a business leader, and there are indeed associated costs. However, they may not be as steep as you think. ISB’s Rs. 25 lakh fee is all-inclusive, comprising tuition, living and boarding expenses. Compare that to the Rs. 50 to 60 lakhs you might pay in tuition at a comparable global business school — with an additional Rs. 20 to 30 lakhs in living expenses – and ISB starts to look like a deal. Furthermore, our accomplished visiting faculty from the world’s best b-schools offer premier access and exposure to resources that would cost at least triple anywhere else. Factor in that salaries for PGP grads start high and grow exponentially in the years following graduation, and attending ISB is clearly money well spent. 3. Placement Matters. Planning for a career in finance but concerned that your ISB degree won’t make the cut? Our

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