Mythology and Folklore

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Unit One Lab Questions 1) In the Myths from around the World section, read through the various myths from different parts of the world. What similarities do you notice in the myths? Are the myths influenced by the culture that they are from? Why or why not? ANSWER: The similarities that I have noticed in each of the myths that i have read, is that each myth explains something or even answer a question. Almost all the myths have few characters, and the characters are either gods or humans with supernatural powers. I have also noticed that the myths are influenced by the culture that they are from. The Acropolis in the Daedalus myth, for example, was an important place to the Athenians. In china there is a myth of the creation of the earth called Pan Gu. My reason for bringing this up is that each culture or country will have a different myth to tell about the creation of the earth or any other creation of some sort. 2) Of the myths on the site, which one is your favorite? Why? What is the myth about? ANSWER:My favorite myth would have to be the South American myth. Its about the animal Jaguar the master of fire. he was the best hunter around. The people always ate there food raw while he ate his food cooked with the big fire he had. One day he saw a man and felt bad for him, so he took him to his house, fed him, and then taught him to hunt. The man repayed him by killing his wife and stealing his fire. Its my favorite because its interesting. The Jaguar is doing a good deed yet he gets repayed in a terrible way. 3) In the Exploring Everyday Folklore section, what is folklore? ANSWER:Defined as knowledge or forms of expression that are passed on from one person to the next by word of mouth or the oral tradition. 4) What are three different types of folk expression? Describe each type. ANSWER: a) Songs- A short poem or other set of words set to
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