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The Prevalent Gossamer Wall between Two Different Empires Lagac, Claire Dianne A. CED-02-401A There’d been more than hundreds of articles and claims supporting the idea of Romans stealing whatever the Greeks have managed to accumulate upon years of building one of the world’s greatest civilizations; their culture, arts, traditions, literature and even their founding myths. And if one attempts to counter the blows, one look at Roman Mythology’s stories would simply melt all defenses away. To disagree is futile. How could anyone deny the fact that stories happen the same way, the same time and with the same outcomes as Greek mythological stories do? If names are the only things claimed to be different, then there is hardly a difference at all. Indeed, these two different empires have myths demarcated only by one single thread-like wall. In the nineteenth century, Greek civilization was valued as more “authentically creative” by Romanticists and Classical scholars. Where does that leave its major counterpart--- the Roman civilization? Does this mean they just copied all the same stories, named the deities after each job they represent and called it Roman Mythology 1000 years after the Greeks? The answer could be just an easy slip of a YES, but we can never tell, of course. There’s still so much to learn, so much to know—so much to consider. Could Roman mythology be just another Greek mythology? The wall in between these two empires may have been just one simple name. But I’m afraid not. There’s much more than just a crumbling wall right in between. Something that’s harder to break. It may have been easy to tell the difference between stories of each. But there is something that’s even harder to tell. And that is where these stories are coming from. Where are its roots anchored? This is where Geography plays a big part. It has played a vital part in

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