Mythology Essay

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Many parts of religion, art, and architecture are often derived from the mythology of ancient civilizations. Different religions are usually born from how groups of people perceive what the purpose of life is. Certain forms of art and architectural structures come from people’s religion and religious beliefs. This is especially true of ancient civilizations with a historical mythology such as the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece were two civilizations that were positively impacted politically, socially, and culturally, by their respective mythologies. The ancient Egyptians were positively impacted by their mythology politically, socially, and culturally. The ancient Egyptians were extremely devout in their beliefs. They were a polytheistic religion meaning they worshiped many gods. They themselves said there were too many to count. Every village, town, and district had its own gods, and they combined and evolved throughout Egypt’s long history (Kramer, 20). They were dedicated to their gods and worshipped them daily in many different ways. Their way of life revolved around gods and goddesses. They had a strong sense of justice and always tried to do what was right in the eyes of the gods. Because the gods had looked down upon adultery, stealing, murder, and lying the Egyptians had felt the same way. This showed the cultural impact the gods and goddesses had on the ancient Egyptians. Each god and goddess had a special job in the afterlife of every Egyptian. For example, the god Osiris, the god of the dead, watched over underworld. Therefore, the Egyptians had praised and respected the gods in order to have a good afterlife. Earth features prominently in most Egyptian myths. Egyptians believed in life after death. They thought that after death a person’s spirits would be reborn and live on forever in a wonderful

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