Myth Of The Model Family Essay

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Michelle Bass English 1A 27 September 2011 Myth of the Model Family The mythical model family is the “Pleasantville”, stereotypical “Hollywood inspired” generalization of life in America. The white picket fence, a suburban one car garage home, the loving heterosexual family; dad bringing home the bacon and mom dressed to the nine, cleaning the house and planning dinner, with their two children and golden retriever, is supposed to wrap us up in a warm blanket of security and overall achievement in life. The point of the model family is to sell the American dream. Come to America, with all it’s freedom and opportunity. Where even a man with nothing can go from rags to riches. The man can go out into the male dominated workforce and continue to provide and remain the dominant role as head of the house to his family. The woman can dream of a more nanny like lifestyle. Always looking her best, assuring that her perfect family and home is kept clean, dressed, fed and maintained properly. While never truly possessing or achieving goals for herself. This lifestyle defines them. Somehow by working a nine to five job five days a week for a man and always presenting yourself well, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining a perfect house for the woman makes it appear as though you’ve achieved the overall dream. But is it really all it’s made out to be? I grew up in a family some would say resembles the stereotypical family. My mom and dad got married young, had two girls, my mom stayed home most of the time to take care of the kids, my dad worked throughout the week, we always had dinner together, and on weekends we would all spend the day together. But we were definitely far from the “model family.” My mom eventually got a job to help pay the bills, my dad would lose his job and be out of work for months before

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