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Kevin Nguyen Sociology of Sports Sport Myths The Mighty Ducks, directed by Stephen Herek, was a classic while growing up. I remember as a child watching the television as one of the skaters flew down the ice for a slap shot and when the goalie was being picked on. This is a movie that has made am impact in my life and now that I am older I can see the types of myths they used to catch my 4 year old self’s attention. There were plenty of popular sport myths that were used in the movie, some of the myths have found there way into sport movies today. The beginning of the movie showed a lawyer who had gotten himself into a little trouble with the law. Gordon Bombay was caught driving under the influence. This is the first popular sports myth that we see. Usually involving a coach or a high authority person getting into trouble with the law. This figure then has to go ahead and perform something that he/she does not want to do. During the movie Gordon Bombay is assigned to coach a local peewee hockey team. This team happens to be the worst team in the district and have no practice facility, nor equipment. Through the movie the team eventually accumulates its equipment, facility, and is eventually sponsored. This is in fact another popular sport myth, a team that has nothing and is pretty much and gang, full of riled-up kids that achieve the unthinkable. Remarkably, in the final minutes of the movie shows a penalty shoot out from the highest ranked team. This team that is portrayed as their rivals has all the needs and equipment they could want basically the complete opposite of the Ducks. It another common movie myth that a poor team plays a rich team, and its even another myth when the poor team overcomes and beats the richer team by a sudden shoot out or by the graces of God. The Mighty Ducks deemed to be a perfect team made from essentially nothing but it wasn’t

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