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During an episode of the MythBusters Jamie and Adam discuss the myth of consuming poppy seeds in the form of poppy seed bagels and poppy seed cake before taking a drug test. This myth states that consuming poppy seeds before taking a drug test will result in a false positive for heroin use. Will eating poppy seed bagels or cake before taking a pre-employment drug screen result in a false positive on a urinalysis? In order to test this hypothesis, Jamie and Adam design the poppy seed drug test around certain variables using the scientific method. Jamie and Adam are both the control group and the experimental group which makes this a within subject design. Simply put, they are going to take a urinalysis before and after consuming poppy seeds to see if it will result in a false positive. To begin, Jamie and Adam take a supervised, preliminary drug test. The reason for doing this is to make sure the control is negative before they consume any poppy seeds. Both Jamie and Adam test negative for any type of drug in their urinalysis. They also weigh in at roughly the same weight, varying by a couple of pounds. Jamie is going to consume poppy seed bagels, while Adam is going to consume poppy seed cake. Both subjects will be tested six times over a period of twenty-four hours. They purchased the drug tests off the internet and have a lot of water on hand for the experiment. Both subjects will be tested thirty minutes after ingesting the poppy seeds, then again in one hour, at the two hour mark, four hour mark, eight hour mark, and twenty-four hours later. Jamie begins by consuming three poppy seed filled bagels. Adam consumes one loaf of poppy seed cake. One unknown variable is the amount or nanograms of poppy seeds ingested when Jamie and Adam eat the poppy seed bagels and the poppy seed cake. At the thirty minute mark, after consuming the bagels and cake, both

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