Myta Ong Case Study Summary

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This week’s case study is about Myta Ong and her company, Plant World, where she could implement an “open, friendly and personal” culture since the beginning. Keeping track of the employees’ birthdays and also of their children, knowing more about their personal lives and making an effort to arrange schedules adaptable to specific employees’ personal lives are examples of Ong’s attitudes within her company and with her employees. As stated in the text: “Ong involved herself increasingly with people and less with plants as the company grew”. All this effort to create Plant World’s organizational culture worked, as we could understand from the end of the text, since Plant World was in trouble and everyone stood with Ong and her company even without…show more content…
They could try to get another job since the local unemployment rate was low, but still they couldn’t leave their company and their leader but above all, their friends. As stated in the text, leaving the company would mean leaving their co-workers that were actually friends (“At how many offices would everyone show up twenty minutes before starting time just to catch up with friends on other crews?”) and Ong, that was more than their leader, their boss. She was a friend (“They never thought of her as the boss or called her anything but Myta”). This leads us to another part of what we learned in class: the effect of leaders in culture. We can say that Ong implemented this organizational culture and friendly atmosphere in Plant World since the beginning, as mentioned before. She gave attention to her employees’ needs and personal lives and problems (they were more than her employees, they were her friends); she was their role model because they admired her and her dreams in a way that it was almost theirs. They stayed in the company without getting paid because of that dream (“they were there for Ong, her

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