Mystic Monk Coffee Essay

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s Father Daniel Mary, the Prior of the Carmelite Order of monks in Clark, Wyoming, walked to cha1?eL t.o preside over Mass, he noticed the sun glIs~emng ac~oss the four-inch snowfall from the prevlOus evemng. Snow in June was not unheard of in Wyoming, but the late snowfall and the bright glow. of the rising sun made him consider the OppO~Ing forces accompanying change and how ~e n:1?ht best prepare his monastery to achi~ve h1S V1SlOn of creating a lfew Mount Carmel In th~ Rocky Mountains. His vision of transformIng tke small brotherhood of 13 monks living in a small home used as makeshift rectory into a 500-~cre monastery that' would include accommodatlOns for 30 monks, a Gothic church, a conv~n~ for Carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay vlSltors, and a hermitage presented a formidable challenge. However, as a former high school foot~all player, boxer, bull rider, and man of great falth, Father Prior Daniel Mary was unaccustomed to shrinking from a challenge. Father Prior had identified a nearb.y ranch for sale that met the requirements of h1S vision perfectly, but its cur:-ent ~isting price of $8.9 million presented a fInanC1al obstac~e to creating a place of prayer, worship, and s~lItude in the Rockies. The Carmelites had rece1ved a $250,000 donation that could be used toward the purchase, and the monastery h~d earne.d nearly $75,000 during the first ~ear of 1tS MYSt1C Monk coffee-roasting operatlOns, but more money would be needed. The coffee roaster use.d to produce packaged coffee sold to Catho~lc consumers at the Mystic Monk Coffee webs1te was reaching its capacity, but a larger roaster could be purchased for $35,000. Also, local Cody, Wyoming, business owners had begun a foundation for those wishing to donate to the monks' cause. Father Prior Daniel Mary did not have a great deal of experience in business matters

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