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------------------------------------------------- Mystic Monk Coffee ------------------------------------------------- Case 1 Sarah Miller Business strategy Management 2800 The Mystic Monk Coffee Company is a sheltered group, and these monks who are from the Carmelite Monastery of Clark, Wyoming spend a large portion of their day roasting coffee. The monks are considered to be a religious group of the Catholic Church, and they are completely devoted to their spiritual and religious beliefs. With their strong beliefs, it requires them to spend the majority of the day either contemplating in silence or praying. Since this takes up a large portion of the monk’s day, it leaves little time to spend on coffee roasting productions. The small population of monks that reside at the Carmelite monastery makes it even more difficult to have productive coffee roasting productions. Unfortunately, there were a variety of restrictions that the monks have been faced with while trying to produce coffee. Including insufficient land, half-done work and having a restricted roasting capacity. Father Daniel Mary had a incredible vision of expanding the small monastery that consisted of 13 monks, by constructing a new Mount Carmel located in Wyoming. There is a nearby ranch called the Irma Lake Ranch that Father Daniel Mary was interested in purchasing. The ranch included a large house, guesthouse, gothic church, caretaker house, hunting cabin, dairy barn and horse barn and also a convent for the Carmelite nuns. This ranch provided the opportunity for the monks to expand their Coffee Company. As well as increase the number of Carmelite monk residents. This ranch was everything that Father Daniel Mary had ever hoped for and more. But there was a issue that had to be addressed, the Irma Lake Ranch would cost the monks $8.9 million dollars. Mystic Monk Coffee Company earns money, which

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