Mystery shopper observation

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Mystery Shopper Observation Business Name: The Columbus Café; Food Industry Description of Business: Columbus Café is a café that serves cold sandwiches, hot/cold drinks, deserts, and items like mugs and coffee beans. There are a few locations in Kuwait like in Al-Fanar Mall, Al-Kout Mall, and Al-Bahar center. The 4 Service Levels:- Basic: The basic service is to have the staff greet you. Chairs and tables must be included. Expected: The expected service is to have the staff provide clean tables and chairs for me to sit at. Desired: The desired service is to have the café’s atmosphere really nice and have the chairs I sit on comfortable. Sensational: The sensational service I would like is if the staff asked how my drink or food was. Also, if the staff treated me with care and acknowledgment. Observation Table:- Elements Basic=  Expected=  Desired=  Sensational=  Food quality  Greeting  Seating  Price  Service speed  Presentation of staff  Atmosphere  Apologizing  Access to cashier section?  Easy to identify the staff?  Staff training  Staff acknowledge ment  Staff tidiness  Staff goodbyes/greeting  Cashier tidiness  Staff knowledge on products  Staff response to requests & questions  Staff's interest in customers  Staff's clear & understandable language  Staff's introductory speech (introducing themselves & using your name when necessary)  Summary:- My overall opinion for Columbus café is great. Obviously at any company or business there are the ups and downs. In this café's case there are a lot of ups and quite a few downs. This café sort of serves the

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