The Mystery of Lake Vostok

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Lake Vostok may be the earth’s greatest unsolved mystery. It has been around for millions of years, and has been host to earth’s coldest temperatures. As modern day technology gets more advanced it is being compared to Jupiter’s moon Europa. Discovered in 1977 by American, Danish and, British scientists you cannot help but to think just what lies beneath the tremendously frigid surface of this lake. It is tough to imagine just how breathtaking this lake is because of the endless possibilities of life forms that can be living there. So far scientists have discovered life forms such as cyanobacteria, bacteria, fungi, spores, pollen grains, and diatoms) but others unlike anything ever seen before. To think that there can be many different living life forms on our planet is astonishing. Living on this planet above ground, we take for granted that more than half of the world is surrounded by water and we have no access to most of it because the pressure of water just won’t make it possible. Lake Vostok makes it even more difficult to explore because of it’s climate. That is exactly why scientists are trying to seize the opportunity and just find out even more about the desolate terrain of the Antarctic. Not only does its bleak menacing environment provide us with many different possibilities of new living life forms, but Lake Vostok also provides us with some information about Jupiter’s moon Europa. It’s astonishing how NASA itself does everything in it’s power, with all of the technology to find out there is other living life forms in our solar system. But the answer can lie right in front of our very own eyes, because the climate on Lake Vostok is similar to that of Europa’s. All we need to do now is find a way to conquer the challenge of exploring the great Vostok and begin to discover the mystery of Lake

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